Graphic Matters


This year the biannual Poster Project takes place for the fourth time. Designers from 23 countries speak out on topics they care about.

From a record number of 2561 entries, from 91 countries the winners were selected by the jury.

Due to the large number and the quality of the entries it was decided to exhibit not just 50, but 60 posters during the festival. Every edition the competition turns out to be a great way to discover talent and to see how the trade is developing.

Under the topic ‘Speak Up’ various themes come up, such as climate change, privacy, human rights and of course Donald Trump whose policy and character are grist to the mill for designers worldwide. Apart from heavy topics there are also lighthearted posters that call for understanding and solidarity. These posters won’t actually change the world, but they will inspire people to take action. Which is what the designers are doing as well.

All 60 posters can be viewed free of charge at the festival on the lawn at ‘the Parade’, in front of the former Breda’s Museum. Limited quantities of the posters are for sale during Graphic Matters.

My poster politics was one of the winners this year: «International politics are governed by macabre games that only politics would understand».

¡Thank you very much Graphics Matters!

Client: Graphic Matters
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