Autopsia Colectiva

Collective exhibition of cartel, Veracruz. Selected poster for "International Poster Biennale for Peace Nanjing"

In Collective Autopsy 2017 we want the celebration of the day of the dead to be a celebration of life, not only taking for granted the conservation of the traditional context, this time it is about adding the commitment to see ourselves from a new perspective as a society.

Overcoming all precedents, the earthquakes of 7 and 19 of September brought with them not only destruction, also shook the awakening of a community lethargic in the daily and in the quiet of indifference, the gestures of help and communication jumped from anonymity spontaneously and in unison revealed a genuine sense of belonging.

In Collective Autopsy we are sure that this is the time to rebuild as a society. Just as we have been able to preserve the tradition of the ┬źday of the dead┬╗, we must instituting the sense of collectivity, of empathy and solidarity as elements to legitimize a new long-term identity, a living tradition.

Client: Autopsia Colectiva