San Diego Latino Film

Winning poster

° Poster selected as a finalist in «41 Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano, Cuba».

There are two paradigms that need to be consider when studying indigenous groups in Latin America: all groups have cultural singularities, yet they share mythological values. The main difference with non-indigenous cultures is a cosmological one and it is represented in almost all the native religions: for indigenous groups the universe is connected by rites, dreams, visions, and in particular the work shamans do for this to happen. These ideas are depicted in the (poster, banner) entitled Kauyumary, in which the traditional image of a shaman and other elements are portrayed; the dancing of the shaman signifies a moment of celebration. The fire represents the beginning of life, the world order, and indigenous folklore. The organic decoration in the background represents nature. The movie camara (creo queda major video camara) honors Latino filmmakers.

Client: San Diego Latino Film