Korea United Designs

Selected Poster: What are you made of?

Poster, 8th United Designs International Biennial Exhibition, group poster show held in Jeju, South Korea. Curated by Dr. Albert Inyoung Choi. The eighth United Designs Exhibition, a celebration of international awareness between education and profession in visual communication design.

What are you made of? What do you need to live? Where does the oxygen you breathe come from? How much oxygen does a tree produce? These questions should serve as a starting point to motivate and bring awareness to care about the environment, our plants and trees? The poster «what are you made of?» visually reflects these questions, and seeks to make us aware of the importance of caring for our environment. For the environment cares for us, and supplies us with the trees and plants that absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen that lets us live and breathe.

CURATOR OF PROJECT:: Albert Inyoung Choi.
THEME:: Environmental Awareness