Die To Be Reborn II

Selected Poster / Shanghai Biennial of Asia Graphic Design 2017

The poster Die To Be Reborn is a visual metaphor for death. How can we perceive death as something poetic? How can we understand it as a transformation? The image seeks reconciliation with a poetic and symbolic death that sometimes is necessary to find our way again. For example, our emotions die and are reborn in a constant cycle. Conceptually, it departs from the idea that death is the end of life. Death has a duality. On one hand it mourns with all its emotional manifestations, but on the other, it is an opportunity to relive life in a different realm (symbolically speaking).

MUMEDI, the Mexican Museum of Design, represented by the MUMEDI AC Foundation invited designers, students, teachers, professionals and interested in the subject to participate in the poster contest or posters of the good design «Morir para rebacer». The work, was part of the finalists.

Client: Museo Mexicano de Diseño
Website: mumedi.mx
THEME:: Death