Shaping the future

° Poster selected as a finalist for the exhibition in Haapsalu, Estonia / Haapsalu Graphic Design Fest
° Poster selected as a finalist in Diseñadores con corazón
° Poster selected as a finalist in Poster for tomorrow

Graphic Design Festival (HGDF) 2019
Tallinn, Estonia
September 16-22, 2019
Many thanks:
Curator: Marko Kekishev
Photo: Март Андерсон (Mart Anderson)

“The future is open. It is not predetermined and thus cannot be predicted – except by accident. The possibilities that lie in the future are infinite. When I say ‘It is our duty to remain optimists’, this includes not only the openness of the future but also that which all of us contribute to it by everything we do: we are all responsible for what the future holds in store.
Thus it is our duty, not to prophesy evil, but, rather, to fight for a better world.”

Karl Popper

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Client: Poster Heroes