Graphic Matters

This year the biannual Poster Project takes place for the fourth time. Designers from 23 countries speak out on topics they care about.

From a record number of 2561 entries, from 91 countries the winners were selected by the jury.

Due to the large number and the quality of the entries it was decided to exhibit not just 50, but 60 posters during the festival. Every edition the competition turns out to be a great way to discover talent and to see how the trade is developing.

Under the topic ‘Speak Up’ various themes come up, such as climate change, privacy, human rights and of course Donald Trump whose policy and character are grist to the mill for designers worldwide. Apart from heavy topics there are also lighthearted posters that call for understanding and solidarity. These posters won’t actually change the world, but they will inspire people to take action. Which is what the designers are doing as well.

All 60 posters can be viewed free of charge at the festival on the lawn at ‘the Parade’, in front of the former Breda’s Museum. Limited quantities of the posters are for sale during Graphic Matters.

My poster politics was one of the winners this year: «International politics are governed by macabre games that only politics would understand».

¡Thank you very much Graphics Matters!

Movement is freedom

° Poster selected as a finalist in Poster for tomorrow
° Poster selected as a finalist in DMJStudio

In last year’s brief we talked about «a world where boundaries are becoming less and less meaningful. Now more than ever, we are one people. No matter where we live, we are all equally powerless in the face of war or environmental disaster.»

We still believe this, but electorates in the Western World responded by voting to close borders and build walls to keep foreigners out. A violent rhetoric of hatred and fear is being constructed around people who’s only ‘crime’ is to be born in a foreign country. We want to refocus the debate around immigration to what lies at its heart: people.

Korea United Designs

Poster, 8th United Designs International Biennial Exhibition, group poster show held in Jeju, South Korea. Curated by Dr. Albert Inyoung Choi. The eighth United Designs Exhibition, a celebration of international awareness between education and profession in visual communication design.

What are you made of? What do you need to live? Where does the oxygen you breathe come from? How much oxygen does a tree produce? These questions should serve as a starting point to motivate and bring awareness to care about the environment, our plants and trees? The poster «what are you made of?» visually reflects these questions, and seeks to make us aware of the importance of caring for our environment. For the environment cares for us, and supplies us with the trees and plants that absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen that lets us live and breathe.

50 años 50 películas

The Goethe-Institut Mexiko celebrates 50 years of its existence this year. Since the laying of its first stone in 1966, numerous intercultural cooperation between Mexico and Germany has been initiated, planned and carried out. In all of them, the work of cultural diffusion as well as the exchange and artistic dialogue have been a core part of the activities during this half century of the Goethe-Institut Mexiko.